Future proofing high risk businesses through diligent, insightful recruitment.

We believe that every business is a people business. What your employees can do is important, but how they do it can be business critical.  And in a high risk industry, your next recruitment decision could mean the difference between a new star employee or a catastrophic incident. You need to feel confident that your next hire really is the right person for the job.

We understand the difficulty of balancing regulations, due diligence and thoughtful hiring against the financial and operational pressure to hire quickly . When every penny counts, you can’t afford the cost of an ill judged hire - but you can’t afford to wait, either.

At Monarch Personnel, we are a values-led business. Our approach is - and will always be - thoughtfully tailored to you. Whatever the size of your business, we put enormous effort into learning about your team, culture, needs and ambitions. We earn your trust, we consider your options carefully, and when we execute, we do so swiftly, efficiently and ethically.

Deep industry knowledge, cutting edge recruitment technology and solid ethical values are the cornerstones of our business. Our multi disciplined team of industry experts use a scientific approach to ensure compliance, remove bias and dependably find the right person for the job - every time.

We know our value lies in the peace of mind we bring to clients. It's in the incidents you won’t have to deal with; in the savings you make; in the reputations you protect; and in the assurance that you really have the right person for the job.


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