Specialist Recruitment for High-Risk Industries

Modern-day business operations require a flexible strategy for a reactive workforce. This can consist of a sensible mix of your own employees, and skilled flexible contract specialists.

We believe Monarch Personnel plays an important role in achieving this balance of a modern workforce, we believe you will too.

Improving your orga­nisa­tion’­s recruitment standards by using Monarch Personnel will ensure that every applicant has been profes­si­onally assessed in an unbiased manner to minimise the likelihood of the new recruit making a procedural error or having an incident or accident. We would love to demonstrate how we can substan­ti­ally reduce your risk and the associated cost!

Let Monarch help you to get it right first-time!


Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

"A boss has the title, a leader has the people" - Simon Sinek Here are a few leadership skill tips for you to think about ........

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