Video interviews are the new norm - five tips to give each of your candidates the best chance to succeed.

Video interviews are the new norm - five tips to give each of your candidates the best chance to succeed.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of it." – Mark Twain

The world has gone through massive change during the last twelve months.  So many changes have come about because of the Covid pandemic.

One of the significant changes within most recruitment strategies has been the introduction of the video interview.­  Having worked with video interviews for almost three years, we believe that this interview-style offers significant advantages to all parties and is here to stay.

Here are five tips that Monarch Personnel has put together to help clients encourage applicants to master the art of video inter­vi­ewing.­  These tips are a compilation of our experience in ensuring everyone gets the maximum chance to do well at a video interview, particularly if they are experiencing this concept for the first time.

Tip 1 – Explain the process

It is essential to explain to the candidate that it is a "video interview."  It is also crucial to clarify whether or not it is a one-way recorded interview.­  This advice can form part of the formal invitation corres­pon­dence to the interview.­ 

Advise the applicant to dress as though they are attending a face-to-face interview.

Give an approximate duration of the interview and what to do and who to contact should they experience any diffi­cul­ties.

Tip 2 – Explain the benefits 

There is nothing more annoying to a job-seeker than having to request holidays from work to attend what is known as a first-stage interview.­  It is of great benefit to any applicant to be able to do this interview as a pre-recorded session; they can do this at a time to suit themselves.­  By doing a pre-recorded interview, you are acknow­ledging that you value the applicant's time.

Tip 3 – Setting up the camera

It's a good idea to include all the relevant login details for the interview as part of the commu­nica­tion.­   Helpful information on setting up the camera to give the applicant the best opportunity to portray themselves well is also appreciated.­  The advice should also include how to use the lighting within a room.

To help candidates where this is their first video interview experience, suggest that they practice speaking to the camera rather than looking at the person on the screen!

Tip 4 – The setting

Helpful notes on having a simple background, interviewing in a quiet place, and avoiding inter­rup­tions will help the applicant be more relaxed.­  If it is the first time the applicant has completed a video interview, these suggestions are much appreciated.­  On another note, it is essential as interviewers that we do the same!

Tip 5 – The follow-up

Let the applicant know the follow-up process.­  So many job-seekers are experiencing poor or no follow-up to interviews - it must be soul-destroying.­  By informing applicants of the follow-up process, you will encourage the applicants to believe in your brand. Whether successful or unsuc­cessful, we all want applicants to think that they have had an interview with a professional organisation who they can also recommend to other potential employees.

Video interviews are here to stay. Let's help everyone to maximise the opportunity to perform well!  Please try to encourage everyone to try to master the art of a video interview.

Monarch Personnel is proud of its hiring methods; much of the process is done "blind," and our methodology promotes diversity and inclusion.

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