Upcoming series for young people applying for career defining jobs

Upcoming series for young people applying for career defining jobs

Monarch Personnel is springing into May with a series of articles focussed on young people and their transition from education into the world of work.

If you have connections with college or university leavers, or this is you, we will be providing tips and valuable intel that will help young people make a memorable impact on employers. For all the right reasons!

The articles will be posted across our social media channels and on our website throughout May, starting on Monday 10th.

We’ll be outlining the pitfalls to jump over and the triumphs to nail.

What you can expect from this series of articles

The topics we will be covering are:

  • Under­standing what the employer is looking for, without the help of a superpower.
  • Social media and how tales of nights out with accompanying photographs can be damaging to a young person’s career prospects.
  • How to make a CV stand out from a crowd of people who all have great commu­nica­tion skills and unrivalled attention to detail (despite the odd spelling mistake in their CV).
  • The wizardry that is a great covering letter. Of course it’s magic, if it can open doors!
  • Questions to ask at an interview to determine if the job on offer is a good career move.
  • How to make a great impression on a video interview. It’s not as obvious as you might think.

The articles will be ungated, so fully accessible to all young people, their parents and anyone else keen to help young people make the move into employment.  We will also be publishing all of the articles in our newsletter.

Employment prospects for young people

According to research conducted for UK Parliament, unemployment for young people aged 16 – 24 has increased by 10% since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. They have been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. This makes the competition for jobs even greater, so young people need to be fully prepared when looking for work after full time education.

This is where we want to help. Our series of articles will give young people valuable insight into how they are perceived and evaluated by potential employers; how their approach, actions and character will have more influence than their skills or quali­fica­tions.

“Young people willing to push super hard to make something happen are among the most powerful forces in the world.” Sam Altman (American entrepreneur and CEO of OpenAI)

Look out for the first article

Don’t forget, the first article will be published on Monday, May 10th. Please have a read and send any feedback you may want to share.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Monarch Personnel, you can read our latest articles by signing up for our newsletter . You can also follow us on our social media channels: LinkedInTwitter & Facebook, or visit our website www.­monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

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