Treat Applicants How You Would Like To Be Treated Yourself!

Treat Applicants How You Would Like To Be Treated Yourself!

"You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don't have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life." – Renee West

Many would say that the applicant's journey has become increasingly important.­  I would say that providing an excellent service to applicants should always play a crucial part in every successful recruitment strategy. I have seen so many posts on LinkedIn recently where applicants have applied for a job and heard nothing from the company. When they try to contact the company, they are treated with disrespect and advised "if you haven't heard anything, you are unsuc­cessful."

So many companies forget that any recruitment strategy can affect your company's brand.  Your process should not just be about attracting the best possible employee but also about leaving any applicant with a great impression of your orga­nisa­tion.­   Who knows what talent your organisation will be looking for in the future?

However, let's not just look at things from what is suitable for our company.­  We should have respect for each other as individuals too.  I would hope that one of the positive things that come out of the covid pandemic would be that we are kinder to each other.  Providing good commu­nica­tion during every step of the journey is vital.  We should treat applicants in a way that we would be happy with ourselves, to leave them with the best possible experience even if that means we are commu­nicating that their application is unsuc­cessful. It is not difficult to help individuals to feel valued.  Having and demons­trating respect for an applicant and giving timely updates will allow them to achieve the best possible outcome in their search for a new job.

At Monarch Personnel, we value each applicant's time.  Our application process is all online.  Even our interview can be done at a time to suit the candidate. Here's some feedback from our recent applicant survey:

  • 83% of candidates said "applying to Monarch was a great experience."
  • They loved our technology!
  • They appreciated not having to travel and that they could do their interview at a time to suit them.
  • They felt that they were encouraged to stand out from the crowd.

Monarch Personnel is proud of its hiring methods; much of the process is alos done "blind," and our methodology promotes diversity and inclusion.

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