Tips to review a CV application well!

Tips to review a CV application well!

We expect a lot from candidates in how they write and present their CVs. We have high benchmarks for how they express themselves, their professionalism and whether their credentials are at a suitable level for the role on offer.

But how would you rate your skill in reviewing a CV effectively?

Do you pay due care and attention to what they’re telling us to ensure we invite the best candidates to interview? Are you looking for the right signals and detail?

Here are some tips on how to review a CV application.

Does the CV have impact?

To stand out from the rest a CV must have impact. If it has little impact, chances are the candidate will have minimal impact on your business. Here are some things to consider:

  • Does the candidate come across well in the content of the CV? Do they appear to be professional?
  • Look for any spelling mistakes as these indicate lack of care and poor attention to detail.
  • Is there a concise overview of skill, previous experience and relevant qualifications? Without these you may not be in possession of the full picture.

Does the CV have a logical layout?

A candidate should make their CV easy to follow by producing a clear layout with a natural flow.

  • Are the dates of employment easily identifiable? The career history should be easy to follow so that you can fully understand the candidate’s progression
  • Look out for any unexplained gaps in employment history. These could be red flags or simply errors, neither of which are helpful nor impressive!
  • The education section should clearly contain the minimum educational requirements for the role
  • Can you easily determine if the candidate has the minimum experience required? Regardless of whether you prefer to value mindset and personality over skill, it is still important to check that the candidate has the minimum experience that has been requested on the job description.

Location and commuting

It is important that the candidate is able to commute to their potential place of work. There should be no barriers that prevent the candidate from arriving at work on time.

  • How far away do they live? Is it a reasonable distance for commuting?
  • Does the CV tell you if they drive and if so, whether they have a car to use for work?
  • What about public transport? Would this be sufficient if driving isn’t an option?

While long distance commuting might not be a deal breaker, careful consideration still needs to be given to the practicalities of that commute, including cost. A candidate may be very keen initially, but in reality the commute could force them to leave and then you’re back to square one.

What does the CV tell you about how much the candidate wants the job?

Does the CV show a desire for the job and to work for your organisation? When you read a CV you should feel the love for the role you have on offer.

The candidate should take time to express how much they want that role and why, whether that’s the specific role in your organisation or simply that it’s the kind of role they’ve been looking for. It should be important to them to get across to you that they would be a good addition to your organisation.

Can we help?

At Monarch Personnel we help our clients review CVs to invite the best candidates to interview and build a winning team for their business.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach, and how this all ties in with our philosophy that ‘mindset matters’, please get in touch.

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