Tips for writing the job advert of your ideal candidate's dreams

Tips for writing the job advert of your ideal candidate's dreams

This is the second in a series of articles of recruitment tips for company leaders, particularly those new to hiring. The full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

The purpose of a job advert is to attract the right candidate, not to instigate a stampede of applicants who haven’t a scooby about what you really need. And who has the time to read through CV upon CV of unsuitable candidates? They’re hours you’ll never get back!

On the flip side, in a competitive job market your advert needs to stand out amongst a crowd of companies all vying for the attention of top job seekers who can help take their business forward.

Here we outline some guidelines for writing a job adver­tisement that covers all bases.

How to write an irresistible job advert

Talk to the applicant

Break down barriers and bring the applicant into your world by using “you” instead of “we require”.

A powerful first paragraph is essential

On average, candidates spend less than 30 seconds scanning an advert so you need to motivate them to read on.

Your job title should be no longer than three words and free of fancy jargon

Keep it clear and simple so candidates know what they’re applying for.

Make the advert easy to navigate with an intuitive format and layout

  • Use bullet points like these to attract the eye. It worked for you, didn’t it?
  • Break up the text with headings like in this article to make it easy for the reader to find what they want to know.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs brief and concise to account for the short attention span of … well, most people these days! You still there?

Arrange the content in order of importance

Put the most important facts and benefits first, these being job title, salary and location. Here’s an interesting fact for you: a vacancy with a salary range will attract up to 20% more applicants. People may love what they do, but they still need financial stability, so a salary indication will undoubtedly save wasted time for higher paid applicants, and for you.

Include a brief overview of the role and the business

  • Share the information about the job, both the positives and the negatives. Give all the important details they will want to know. Put yourself in their position and ask what you would want to know.

Tell them the great things your organisation is known for, along with any awards you’ve won. Be clear about what you’re good at as a business. You want to make the best applicants keen to work for you.

Outline the person specifi­cation requirements

This is a profile of your ideal candidate: their personality, growth mindset, values and ethics. You can also detail the skills and knowledge you are looking for.

Grammar and spell check your advert

Your reputation can be reduced to tatters with poor grammar and spelling, which doesn’t go unnoticed by your ideal job applicants.

Have an unmistakable call to action

Keep the application process simple to avoid losing candidates along the way.

  • Include a closing date
  • Give instructions of how to apply and where the application should be sent
  • Provide a recipient’s name
  • Follow up any enquiries with an email saying you are looking forward to hearing from them, apply now.
  • Tell them not to miss their chance to become your next ‘???’

You need to sell the vacancy and your organisation as the best place to work, to attract the kind of people you want to employ. Mindset matters. Candidates with a suitable mindset and ethical values should be drawn to your advert above all others. “Hire character, train skill.” Peter Schultz, former Porsche CEO.

Look out for the next article

Our third article in this series will be published next Wednesday 16th June. We will be looking at how to vet candidates ethically, to ensure a fair recruitment process.

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