Three factors that have driven change in recruitment in 2021

Three factors that have driven change in recruitment in 2021

As with many industries, recruitment has undergone considerable change in 2021 to adapt to new ways of working. Social distancing, a hybrid working model and a skills shortage have all affected how companies recruit, and the kind of benefits and conditions that are on offer.

There has also been a palpable shift towards zero tolerance around diversity and inclusion and recruiting without bias.

At Monarch Personnel we welcome the move in emphasis as we believe that many of these changes align with our own values of recruiting on mindset, and focusing on character, culture and values.

We’ve identified three major changes in recruitment that have developed throughout 2021. These, along with a hybrid working model, are here to stay!

Strides towards eliminating bias in the recruitment process

Unconscious bias has always presented a problem in recruitment. Regardless of how much a recruiter might protest otherwise, we all carry unconscious bias whether we like it or not! Bias leads to assumptions about candidates which makes the selection process unfair.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led the way in the elimination of unconscious bias in 2021. Using the likes of personality profiling and video interviews to find the best candidates removes preconceptions and misun­der­stan­dings about a person’s ability to step into a role.

An increasing number of organisations are focussing on diversity and inclusion and eliminating bias. This allows for a drive towards meeting cultural objectives, as well as endorsing the ethics and values of the company.

Incorporating AI to allow recruiters to focus on what matters

Forward-thinking organisations are now using AI to deal with repetitive tasks within the recruitment process. AI is better than humans at analysing data and it produces far more accurate results. It is also quicker and more efficient in how it handles the data.

For example, AI sifts through personality profiles and produces suitable candidates for interview within hours. It would take a human much longer to read CVs and application letters, and their judgement would be compromised by the unconscious bias outlined above. While AI does this work for them, the recruiter can be handling more complex tasks.

Likewise, a video interview that uses AI will tell a recruiter much about the candidate through their body language, choice of words, eye contact and more. Post interview, this saves the recruiter time in assessing a range of candidates, trying to remember each one clearly and how they came across.

Focusing on character as much as (if not more than) skill

We have seen the British workforce re-evaluating what they want from life. The reported Great Resignation of 2021 has fuelled claims that almost one in four UK workers are planning a job change. This means more people are on the move and there needs to be a clear strategy on what employers are looking for.

Some industries have been far more affected by Covid than others, with subsequent redundancies. Other sectors have suffered from a skills shortage. As a result, many employers are being forced to change how they recruit by focusing on character, behaviour and transferrable skills, rather than purely recruiting on directly relevant skills and experience.

At Monarch Personnel our mantra is “recruit on mindset”. We are a values-led business and firmly believe that mindset is instinctive whereas skills can be taught. For this reason we welcome this change and expect both organisations and candidates to reap the benefits.

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