The key benefits of a diverse team

The key benefits of a diverse team

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Diversity makes the business world go round. If we were all the same life would be very dull, and more importantly nothing would get done. Why? Because without different skills, mindsets and experiences it would be impossible to appoint leaders, maximise productivity and grow businesses.

Does this mean that diverse teams perform better? According to a Harvard Business Review, "Working with people who are different from you may challenge your brain to overcome its stale ways of thinking and sharpen its performance." That’s a vote for yes!

At Monarch Personnel our experience has been that the more diverse the team, the happier and more settled it is. Employees feel safer when expressing an opinion and are willing to go that extra mile to support one another. Diverse life experiences and opinions lead to enhanced performance.

How does diversity enhance a team?

A platform for better decision making

It might sound coun­te­rin­tu­itive to say that a diverse team performs well with decision making, but being different doesn’t mean confrontation or lack of understanding. Instead, research shows that a diverse team will ask more questions of each other. This enables the team to focus on facts to reach decisions far more than a team that shares identical viewpoints.­­ By constantly focusing on facts the team will remain objective and alert in their decision-making.

A safe environment inspires confidence

In a diverse team employees know that there is no predetermined right answer or opinion because everyone will have their own individual ideas. This makes team members feel protected from potential discrimination which empowers them to express their viewpoint and focus on what they are paid to do.

Diversity inspires problem solving

In diverse teams colleagues will challenge each other more than in teams of similar people where there might be an underlying sense of acceptance and agreement. Successful problem solving, along with the invention of new processes and ideas, requires a wide variety of viewpoints to challenge the status quo.

Information is processed with a different approach

Evidence shows that a diverse team processes the information behind decisions differently to a team of people with similar personalities and opinions. This is because each individual understands the value of joint decision making in groups where members come from different backgrounds, capabilities and experiences. If team members are similar, the assumption is that each will have the same opinion so there is no point in drilling down into the information to make crucial decisions.

Diversity in teams leads to increased profits

With a focus on cooperation, decision making and processing information fully, less team meetings are required to achieve change. Less time spent in meetings significantly improves productivity and leads to greater efficiencies, thereby increasing profits.

Create your own diverse team

Remember, the people you choose to represent your business when interviewing candidates influences the type of potential recruits you attract. The more diverse your recruitment team, the more likely you are to create diverse teams across the business.

Look out for the next article

The final article in our January series will be published next Wednesday, 26th January, in which we will explain how to make your company prepare for Generation Z.

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