Some Interesting Ways to Beat Interview Nerves!

Some Interesting Ways to Beat Interview Nerves!

Did you know that if you squeeze the cheeks of your “gluteus maximus” (your buttocks), you will be able to stop yourself from physically shaking!!  If you follow this helpful tip when you meet the interviewer you will be able to deliver a firm handshake and appear confident without shaking! 

To prevent your voice from shaking at the start of the interview too, you will need to relax your voice muscles just before going into the interview (probably best to do it before going into reception too!).  To do this please: 

  • Sit comfortably and allow your mouth and your jaw to hang open and loose
  • Take deep breaths by expanding your diaphragm but only inhale as intensely as you can without feeling uncom­for­table
  • Breathe out by pushing from your diaphragm, emptying your torso!
  • Ensure that your throat and jaw remain as relaxed as possible and repeat the guidelines appro­ximately 10 times to relax your voice muscles

Look the interviewer in the eye

You may well be shown into the interview room and offered a drink whilst you are waiting for your interviewer to arrive.  If you are shown to a chair, it is a good idea not to sit down.  You really do not want the interviewer’­s first impression of you to be that of you nervously trying to get up out of a chair!  Remember the tip to “squeeze the cheeks”!  You will be able to confidently look your interviewer in the eye as you shake their hand.  You only get once chance to make a good first impression. 

Look and listen

When you are nervous it is extremely easy not to listen. It is extremely important to listen to the questions, as that way you will maximise your chances of delivering the best answer.  Don’t interrupt the interviewer before they have finished,  thinking you know the answer!  You can listen with your eyes too!  Pay attention with good eye contact and that way you will show that you are keen and listening.

It is you that they want to get to know

You will be able to maximise your chances of being successful if you remember to be yourself!  Try to use words that you would normally use and remember to let them see a little of your personality too.  By being yourself you will come across as more confident and increase your chances of getting that all-important job offer.

Good luck!!

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