Redesign your hiring strategy to raise your recruitment game in 2022

Redesign your hiring strategy to raise your recruitment game in 2022

This is the second article in this month’s series. More articles will be published throughout the month, and the full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

Are you planning to recruit in 2022?

Particularly if you recruit infrequently you will need to give some time and thought to your recruitment strategy. Sadly the hiring process is not as simple as advertising, reading a few CVs and taking someone on. There are many aspects to consider including the impact on your existing teams and the future of the business.

A great recruitment strategy attracts top talent, and your idea of what top talent is may differ from other businesses. You need to be at the top of your recruitment game to hire well and avoid going through the same process again next month.

So, what do you need to do to redesign your recruitment strategy? Glad you asked…

Consider changes that need to be made

An understanding of the current recruitment market will help you implement necessary changes.

Skills shortage

Blame Brexit, COVID or Uncle Tom Cobley, the fact remains we are currently in the midst of a cross-sector skills shortage. This means that you may struggle to find someone with the skills and experience that you’re looking for. At Monarch Personnel we recruit on mindset because it’s instinctive, whereas skills can be taught. This is a highly effective way of overriding the limitations of a skills shortage. If your candidate has the right mindset, there is a very strong chance they can learn quickly and be a productive member of your team, despite not having specific skills or experience.

The candidate is king

Not only do we have a skills shortage, we have the double whammy of also dealing with a candidate-driven market. They can pick and choose jobs and employers. Happy 2022 everyone!

Don’t ask for skills and experience that aren’t necessary. Instead focus on mindset as well as values and ethics and whether the candidate is a good cultural fit.

Job advertising

Before deciding on an advertising campaign, speak to colleagues in a similar role to the vacancy and find out some basics about how a candidate approaches job hunting in your sector.

Find out where they would go to look for a job including specialist magazines, or which sector groups are available on social media. Target these places with your job advertisements.

Make the advert appealing by giving as much information as possible. Begin with the benefits to the applicant and make sure you cover what’s good about working for your organisation to appeal to candidates with the right mindset.

Job description

The job description needs to be exciting and enticing, and you must include the salary and benefits. Many companies fail to do this which leaves potential candidates in the dark about what they’re applying for so many don’t bother.

Talk about the promotion prospects and the team, and remember what candidates are looking for in the current market: benefits as well as salary, flexible working and hybrid working are big draws for candidates.

Your culture is your brand

Remember that candidates research potential new employers and don't apply to those with a poor reputation. You need to be clear on your brand identity and the ethics and values of the organisation.

If you have them, use employee feedback forms to highlight how staff benefit from being part of the organisation.

Create a great candidate journey

Agree the actions and expected timescales for each stage of the applicant journey and make sure your team stick to it and communicate well throughout. This is courteous, professional and creates trust.

Diversity and inclusion

These aren’t recruitment school buzzwords! You must eliminate bias wherever possible. Staff should be fully trained on what bias is and its consequences.

Look at your recruitment process to determine which areas could be automated to remove bias:

  • Small panel interviews offer the opportunity for more than one opinion
  • The same set questions should be given to all applicants
  • A standard measurement matrix identifies the best candidates and removes interviewer bias.

Great onboarding

Redesigning your hiring strategy doesn’t end with offering a candidate the job. The onboarding process is an intrinsic part of getting it right. Suggestions are:

  • Have a plan!
  • Have a buddy system
  • Tell your new recruit how their development will be measured and monitored
  • Tell them what success looks like.

It’s  never been more critical to get your hiring strategy right!

Look out for the next article

The third article in our January series will be published next Wednesday, 19th January, in which we will look at the key benefits of a diverse team.

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