Recruitment Solutions for a "New Normal"

Recruitment Solutions for a "New Normal"

Throughout April, May and June there were very few recruitment opportunities as the country went into lockdown and many employees were furloughed.  As always, the number of vacancies, is a strong indicator of the state of our economy.

As we move into June, things appear to have improved slightly with a general uplift in the number of jobs being advertised, however there are also now record numbers of applicants seeking new employment due to fears of forthcoming redundancy.

If your organisation is looking to restructure due to the pandemic, then Monarch Personnel is totally geared up to being able to assist you to recruit during the new era of social distancing.  By using our state-of-the-art service, which is also designed to remove bias and to help deliver workplace diversity, you could take advantage of some of the great talent that has suddenly become available. 

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