Personality Profiling - the Monarch series for August and September

Personality Profiling - the Monarch series for August and September

Hot on the heels of July’s series of articles on the role of AI in recruitment, in August and September we turn our attentions to personality profiling.

At Monarch, we have always used personality profiling as part of our recruitment process. Our profiling tool asks candidates to complete over 100 questions about themselves online. They select one of two answers, per question, as being most true.

The cutting edge technology uses clever algorithms to evaluate the answers and produce a Personality Profile Table for every candidate. There are fourteen segments in the Profile Table, each related to a facet of the candidate’s personality, that are given a score. Don’t misunderstand the term ‘score’, there are no right or wrong answers.

What does personality profiling give us?

At Monarch, we find that the level of insight personality profiling gives us about each candidate, enables us to provide a more streamlined and informed service to our clients.

For the candidates, it is a free service that gives them a rounded assessment of how they might fit into an organisation and the kind of roles they’re most suited for. It throws up some surprises too!

Our new series over two months

Throughout August and September we will look at the two main areas of personality profiling:

  • August: Behaviour and Personality.
  • September: Motivations, Aspirations and Values.

August: Behaviour and Personality

Answers given in the Behaviour and Personality section tell us how the candidate is likely to approach a role and fit into a team. They identify a candidate’s preferences in how they work. Employers use this section of the Profile Table to determine if those preferences and the candidate’s approach are appropriate for their organisation.

Let’s briefly break these areas down.


Our behaviours determine how we react or respond to environments, events and other stimuli around us. They drive what we do to make something happen.


The American Psychological Association defines personality as “the individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.” These differences form the traits, moods, attitudes and opinions that influence our everyday behaviours.

Behaviour and Personality profiling segments

The Behaviour and Personality section of the candidate's profile is broken down into the following segments.

  • Straigh­tfor­war­dness v Persuasiveness
  • Firmness v Flexibility
  • Introversion v Extraversion
  • Emotional Sensitivity v Emotional Distance
  • Structure v Improvisation
  • Intuition v Focus on Facts
  • Free-Thinking v Rule Following

Our first Behaviour and Personality article, to be published next Wednesday 11th August will examine the first two segments: Straigh­tfor­war­dness v Persuasiveness and Firmness v Flexibility.­ 

September: Motivations, Aspirations and Values

Next month we will look at Motivations, Aspirations and Values. Answers to these questions give insight into what makes a candidate tick, their goals and level of ambition, their preferred role in a team and other driving factors.

Motivations, Aspirations and Values profiling segments

The Motivations, Aspirations and Values section of the Profile Table is broken down into the following segments:

  • Personal Balance v Involvement at Work
  • Desire for Guidance v Desire to Lead
  • Need for Reflection v Need for Action
  • Humility v Ambition
  • Teamwork v Autonomy
  • Individualism v Altruism
  • Familiarity Seeking v Novelty Seeking

Look out for the first article

Don’t forget, the first article in August’s Behaviour and Personality series will be published next Wednesday August 11th.

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