Personality Profiling - Monarch Personnel Director Pam Steed's personality profile

Personality Profiling - Monarch Personnel Director Pam Steed's personality profile

This is the fifth and final article in this month’s series exploring Motivations, Aspirations and Values in personality profiling as a recruitment tool. The full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

To conclude this month’s series of articles on personality profiling, we’re taking a deep dive into our Director, Pam Steed’s profile. What better way to examine the integrity of personality profiling?

Prior to founding Monarch Personnel in 1993, Pam managed commercial operations for three different organisations. For Monarch her respon­sibi­lities include making key decisions on the management of the business, providing guidance to clients and candidates, and implementing company policies. In many ways, Pam has always been a sales person, selling ideas, influencing decisions and building relationships.

Straight away you would say Pam is a leader who must enjoy working with people. Does her profile agree?

We’ll be looking at Pam’s four strongest personality traits to see what her profile tells us and how it reflects key points in her life and career. These are:

  • Persuasion (Score 9.2)
  • Ambition (Score 9.3)
  • Desire to lead (Score 8.6)
  • Teamwork (Score 7.6)


On persuasion, Pam’s profile says:

Pam is very persuasive. She modifies information for a target audience in order to ensure desired outcomes. Charming, Pam is likely to devise ways to get others to accept her ideas. Unlike her more straightforward colleagues, she enjoys being tactful and influencing others.

Environment and roles: Thrives in roles where convincing others is essential to success.

Interaction with others: Ensures that her speech reflects what colleagues and clients want.

Strength: Adept at making convincing and persuasive arguments.

Potential weakness: May be viewed as manipulative.

Persuasion is an essential trait for a sales person, but being persuasive also requires good listening skills to identify and solve problems. The high score on persuasion reflects Pam’s business acumen and ability to understand a client’s requirements. Pam uses her persuasiveness every day as she builds relationships with clients and candidates, guiding them through the recruitment process and helping them to make successful decisions.


On ambition, Pam’s profile says:

Very ambitious, success is extremely important to Pam. She is highly competitive and equates progress to rapid professional growth. Driven to succeed, she actively seeks opportunities to advance in the organisation. Pam is very unlikely to miss any chance that may help her to move up the career ladder.

Environment and roles: Likely to thrive in organisations that are highly pressurised and competitive.

Interaction with others: Colleagues are likely to perceive her as driven and career-focused.

Strengths: Willing to go above and beyond to succeed.

Potential weakness: May be ruthless in order to progress.

Pam has always been highly competitive, both in her work and personal life. Her ambition has led her to key management roles and the success of Monarch Personnel. Wanting her company to be the best in the industry, and her staff to be given the chance to flourish, is all part of her own ambition. Her willingness to provide an unparalleled level of service to her clients and candidates is also a key ambition trait.

Desire to lead

On Desire to Lead, Pam’s profile says:

Pam likes to direct teams across groups and functions. Charismatic in approach, she has the ability to make decisions and handle respon­sibi­lities for a team. Pam is likely to take the lead on all projects that she is involved in. At ease when in charge, she knows how to delegate tasks even within large groups and multifunctional teams.

Environment and roles: Very comfortable in positions that call for managing and directing others.

Interaction with others: Directive actively sought for mentorship and development.

Strengths: Has a talent for leadership and is eager to take up respon­sibi­lities.

Potential weakness: May have difficulty reporting to a superior.

At school Pam was Head Girl and hockey captain. These were early signs of a strong desire to lead, a trait that has repeatedly come to the fore throughout her life and career. Her management positions and her current head role at Monarch Personnel have given her the opportunity to lead a diversity of teams and take the responsibility of making crucial business decisions.


On teamwork, Pam’s profile says:

Pam tends to be more team-oriented than most people. She likes working closely with others and prefers to be involved in projects where she is able to share ideas and outputs through co-operation. Unlike her more autonomous colleagues, Pam values cohesiveness more than independence. People with a similar score tend to share the philosophy that the exchange of ideas allows team members to be more productive in the future.

Environment and roles: Likely to do well in organisations where group work is important for efficiency.

Interaction with others: Perceived as a team player and committed to joint success.

Strength: Good collaborator and team-oriented.

Potential weakness: May find it difficult to work on individual projects.

Pam has always been people-oriented and believes that colleagues give their best if they are happy in their work. The success of Pam’s roles to date has come from great teamwork and respect for the ideas and input of others. Whilst Pam is a strong leader, she values the contribution of her team and actively encourages their involvement in key decisions.

Is personality profiling for you?

Given the clear correlation between Pam’s personality profile and her life and career to date, it’s safe to say that the profile is an accurate reflection of Pam’s personality traits. If Pam were a candidate, her profile would give an employer crucial information to help them decide if she would be good for their organisation.

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