Mindset Matters - Mental Health at Work

Mindset Matters - Mental Health at Work

As many orga­nisa­tions are returning to work after furlough, we must remember that as employers we have a duty of care for employees’ health, safety, and wellbeing.­  Mindset matters!

Many of our clients and colleagues work in high-risk industries where the right mindset will ensure that our colleagues are mentally in the right place to keep themselves, their colleagues, and other persons safe at work. Having a positive and healthy mindset is vital in this type of work environment.

To demonstrate our duty of care, we must ensure that the working environment is safe and that we have carried out the appropriate risk assessments.

It is a great idea to encourage our teams to talk openly about mental health too, this way staff are more likely to be open with you and each other about the way they feel and their spirits will be higher leading to the overall feeling of a good environment to be in.

Monarch Personnel has a mental health champion within our orga­nisa­tion, we believe that mindset matters!

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