Key efficiencies top candidates look for in the recruitment process

Key efficiencies top candidates look for in the recruitment process

This is the second article in this month’s series on ‘Efficiencies in Recruitment”. More articles will be published throughout the month, and the full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

Last month we highlighted the current skills shortage and the challenges of recruiting in a candidate-driven marketplace. To be competitive and relevant in the current climate, recruiters must master key efficiencies. The focus should be on offering a top-notch job opportunity with an efficient recruitment process that tempts the best candidates.

Each and every applicant should feel valued throughout the process, regardless of whether they are successful. Why? To maintain your reputation and because candidates are savvier and more selective than ever before. The slightest sniff of inefficiencies with a potential employer will have them running to another company that offers a smarter approach.

What efficiencies are candidates looking for?

Meaningful job title

Be clear from the off. Make sure the job title truly reflects the role. Have faith in candidates at all stages of their career; don’t advertise for a manager if you need an assistant. It won’t end well!

Clear and informative job description

The job description is critical to attracting the best candidates. Here are some pointers:

  • Write the job description in ‘normal-speak’! Self-respecting candidates find dictionaries unpalatable so don’t use unnecessary jargon that relies on them having eaten one for breakfast.
  • Don’t ask for qualifications that are unnecessary
  • Make sure the benefits of the role, the package, the company and work conditions are clear
  • Offer a competitive salary that is respectful of the role
  • Give an insight into the company’s culture and how valuable it is to the success of the business

Defined timeline from advert to onboarding

Candidates need to know the timescales involved in the process. Tell them when each stage will take place and when you expect the successful applicant to start working for you.

Be sure to communicate with candidates after every step to keep them informed and maintain their interest.

Two-way interview, not an interrogation

Remember the interview isn’t all about the candidate, it’s about you and your organisation too. Ensure that the candidate feels that they are involved in a two-way process in which they’re given sufficient opportunity to get to know you and the company.

Do this by allocating a significant part of the interview to the applicant’s questions. They will learn much about your company and its values, and you will gain insight into the candidate’s personality and priorities from the kind of questions they ask.

The interview is also the opportunity for you to sell the job and the company to the applicant. Remember, it’s a candidate-driven market so they probably have options to choose from.

Speedy and efficient decision-making process

In our first article this month we looked at the need for speed in the decision-making process. Candidates won’t hang around. A swift response also gives your company credibility.

Don’t interview too many people, be ruthless in your selection process. Personality profiling can help here.

Give feedback to candidates quickly and make a job offer within a couple of days of the interview.

Clear job offer

At Monarch Personnel we believe in the personal touch. Call candidates with a job offer rather than email or message them. This will not only build rapport; it will give you the chance to judge whether they will accept the offer.

Confirm the offer in writing quickly to demonstrate your commitment. This will build trust and avoid the candidate becoming anxious and looking elsewhere.

Once the offer is accepted, keep all lines of communication open by staying in touch with the candidate until they begin their new position.

Look out for the next article

The third article in our November series on Efficiencies in Recruitment will be published next Wednesday, November 17th, in which we will explain how to be more efficient with onboarding.

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