June leadership series for employers new to recruiting.

June leadership series for employers new to recruiting.

Hot on the heels of our May series of articles for young people looking for work, our June series will offer recruitment tips to company leaders, particularly those who are new to hiring.

As the economy improves and we head out on the road to recovery, companies will be looking to recruit. This will inevitably mean there are new recruiters on the block who would welcome some guidance. Likewise there will be experienced recruiters in need of a refresh (even though they may not care to admit it!).

Our June series of six articles will offer hot tips on a strategic approach to recruitment. The articles will be posted across our social media channels and on our website throughout the month, starting tomorrow, Wednesday June 2nd.

What you can expect from our June series

The topics we will be covering are:

  • Creating a clear and concise job description to attract candidates with the right mindset, and discourage those without!
  • How to draft a strong job adver­tisement that speaks to the kind of candidates you’re looking for.
  • We’ll walk you through vetting candidates ethically to ensure a fair recruitment process.
  • Our director, Pamela Steed, will share the good and bad experiences of a career in recruitment. Stand by for that one!
  • You will receive tips for conducting interviews that remove barriers and open up meaningful conversation with candidates.
  • Finally we will look at promoting and protecting your brand when recruiting.

Mindset Matters

At Monarch Personnel we advocate ‘mindset matters’. It is at the centre of everything we do. Skill can be taught; mindset is instinctive.

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, 1937. Napoleon Hill strongly believed in the power of the mind, and the difference that a positive mindset can have on our lives. Though more than 80 years old, his book still inspires and motivate millions of people around the world. 

By recruiting someone with the appropriate mindset for your company, you will introduce a new team member who can easily fit in and learn the skills required. This will reflect your own growth mindset of recruiting for the long term.

Mindset will feature throughout our series of articles over the course of the month.

Look out for the first article

Don’t forget, the first article will be published tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2nd. Please have a read and send any feedback you may want to share.

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