How to promote and protect your brand when recruiting

How to promote and protect your brand when recruiting

This is the sixth and final article in this month’s series of recruitment tips for company leaders, particularly those new to hiring. The full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

When a business is hiring it is often a sign of growth. At the very least, it reveals that your business is thriving, which is hugely positive for your brand. It’s therefore a mystery why few businesses promote that they’re recruiting when it’s such good PR!

Orga­nisa­tions should also plan to protect their brand when hiring. Brand protection shouldn’t just be part of crisis management when negativity strikes, such as during redundancies or when there is a decline in profits.

So, how should you promote and protect your brand during the recruitment process? What are the areas to cover?

How to promote and protect your brand when recruiting

Your starting point is to fully understand your brand perception at the time of hiring. This perception should be consistent across all recruiting managers. What does your brand stand for? What are the orga­nisa­tion’­s ethical values?

From here you can develop a recruitment strategy for each vacancy that will include the promotion of those ethics and values. You need to be loud and proud about this. Not only will it protect and promote your brand in the wider business community, it will also attract your ideal candidates.

Treat candidates like customers

Remember, when recruiting you are unveiling another shop window for outsiders to peer through and form a judgement about your business. It’s therefore wise to treat candidates as you would customers throughout the recruitment process:

  • Acknowledge each application
    • Send a quick email that highlights the recruitment process with clear timelines.
    • Add a link to a success story of a current employee.
  • Use cutting edge technology to speed up vetting of candidates and your response times. This can include profiling tools to score each candidate against criteria that are important to your business, such as growth mindset, ethical values and diversity and inclusion.
  • Create an email template that is tailored to applicants who don’t quite fit the bill for the current vacancy but who, overall, are great candidates. Rejection corres­pon­dence with an optimistic note gives valuable feedback and creates a positive impression of your company.

Always treat people as you would want to be treated. Going back to the customer analogy, imagine applicants will be leaving reviews about your company in the public arena. So many people have lost jobs due to the COVID pandemic, they should be treated with empathy and under­standing.

Typically there will be one delighted person who is offered the job, and many others who are disap­po­inted. Every applicant should be left with a positive experience of your orga­nisa­tion.

Represent your brand with the highest level of profes­si­onalism

At all times, to protect your brand, you should operate a professional and all-encom­passing onboarding process. Orga­nisa­tions that do this well, and continually strive to improve their hiring processes, become employers of choice and destination. It’s no coincidence that there are many awards available to companies for doing just that. This is great PR and shouldn’t be unde­res­ti­mated in attracting top candidates and industry respect.

Monarch's hiring process has many candidate touchpoints at which we’re very conscious of protecting our brand and representing our best selves. If you have a vacancy and want your candidates to have a great experience, why not contact us?

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