How to make your social media recruiter-ready!

How to make your social media recruiter-ready!

This is the second in a series of articles for young people aged 18-24 starting their careers after leaving full time education. The full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

Is your social media activity damaging your career prospects after leaving college or university?

Your social media profiles say a lot about you. Perhaps too much when looking for work. When a potential employer sees a ream of pictures of you in various states of alcohol-induced disarray, you’re unlikely to find yourself at the top of their interview list!

According to StandOut CV, around 58% of hiring profes­si­onals use social media to screen candidates. They also quote Government studies that found one in five UK employers have rejected candidates purely because of their social media profiles.

Social media behaviours that can lead to rejection

The StandOut report cites the most damaging behaviours found on social media as:

  • Offensive language (75%)
  • References to drug use (70%)
  • Poor spelling and grammar (50%)
  • Drunken behaviour (47%)
  • Political activity (29%)
  • Vanity (26%)

Employers are looking for candidates who are unlikely to disrupt the harmony of the business.­  They want reliable, professional and respected team members.­  The above behaviours threaten that ideal, and are therefore red flags for any company.

How do I make my social media accounts recruiter-ready?

There are steps you can take to prevent your social media presence from causing your downfall.

  • Make your social media accounts private. Most platforms let you restrict your content so that only certain people can see it, but this isn’t fully reliable.
  • Remove posts or information that portray the behaviours listed above. Or perhaps, while endeavouring to present yourself as an exemplary citizen, don’t post them in the first place!
  • Take out any images that can be described as ‘not your finest moment’.
  • Think carefully about who you follow on social media as this can say a lot about your own values. Yes, employers check that too!
  • Be measured in your comments on other profiles. Avoid having a rant. Play nicely.

Should I remove my social media accounts completely?

The short answer is no.  Used well, social media can portray your best self to the outside world, and recruiters are increasingly using social media as a recruitment tool.  In fact, nine out of ten employers are active on social media and use it to search for candidates.

Also bear in mind that most young people are on a range of platforms. If you have no social media presence, recruiters are likely to think you have something to hide.

Tailor your social media to your job search

Be smart. Knowing that recruiters are likely to look at your social media accounts, show them what they want to see. Share posts that tell them you are the kind of person they’re looking for. Follow their company and others within their industry. Show your creativity, your common sense and how you could add value to their business.

Use each platform correctly. Portray a professional image on LinkedIn, show your fun (not too much fun!) side on Facebook and Instagram, and interact with orga­nisa­tions and influencers on Twitter.

Next time…

Look out for our next article in this series, to be published next week. We will be focussing on creating an impressive CV that stands out from the competition.

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