How to make sure your company is prepared for Generation Z

How to make sure your company is prepared for Generation Z

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Are you ready for Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2012? They’re a savvy lot!

The older fraternity of Gen Z are now in their early twenties and either leaving university or already in full time employment. They have a different approach to life and work than the Millennials and Gen X before them, many of whom are today’s recruiters.

This could potentially lead to a disconnect for companies that don’t understand this discerning generation that question and analyse just about everything! Gen Z are independent. They care deeply about how their food and clothing are produced. Having been brought up by Gen X with their uncertainties around money and careers, Gen Z value financial security over spending and waste.

This refreshing attitude can be beneficial for your company – as long as you’re prepared for it. What do you need to do to prepare for Gen Z?

Recruiting and onboarding Gen Z

Gen Z are all over customised living. They have customised playlists, apps, social media accounts and clothing. Customising your recruitment strategy to attract Gen Z candidates would therefore be a good move. Use social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter as well as the usual LinkedIn posts to advertise, and make sure your adverts appeal to Gen Z’s short attention span!

Gen Z are more likely than any other generation to prefer to send in a short video than fill out an application form so consider this as a recruitment strategy. Alternatively ask them to complete a few questions about their personality traits. These are more interesting to them than skills or experience so you should get some insight into their mindset and if they’re a good fit for you.

Mental health and wellbeing

Companies that offer mental health and wellbeing benefits, such as generous policies for personal and sick leave, will attract Gen Z employees who are careful with their mental wellbeing and therefore value that support.

Gen Z perceive themselves as multitaskers; they want to do it all. But they’re not always successful at it! This means they are susceptible to getting involved in more areas of work than they need to and therefore cutting corners. You need to make deadlines clear and focus on time management and prioritising work, with clarity on which corners must not be cut.

You will find that Gen Z are likely to need guidance on work-life balance to help them understand what really matters.

Financial goals

Because Gen Z were brought up around economic uncertainty, remuneration and benefits matter so make them clear on job advertisements and in appraisals. They want to avoid debt, so for valuable Gen Z employees you should think outside the box and provide a clear career path that is more bespoke to them.

Remember, Gen Z is a customisation generation which means they’re less likely to be impressed with following set work patterns, including their own progression.

Independent working

Gen Z have been trusted by their parents and are used to making independent decisions. You need to find a way to give them their independence but make it clear when they’re expected to collaborate. Gen Z like their own workspace and projects whereas Millennials are the most collaborative generation, so for Gen X employers it can be difficult to balance the employee mix of Gen Z and Millennials.

Leave Gen Z to their own devices but touch base regularly and encourage them to innovate and integrate with the workforce on agreed terms.

Gen Z and technology

Gen Z are digital natives, the first generation to grow up alongside technology. Since they were very young they have been using technology to communicate and learn. They are not phased by systems and technology so don’t underestimate their ability to learn quickly. They will also be comfortable with online working so a potentially versatile asset to your company.

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