How a great onboarding experience is key to motivating your new recruit

How a great onboarding experience is key to motivating your new recruit

This is the third article in this month’s series on ‘Efficiencies in Recruitment”. More articles will be published throughout the month, and the full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

Onboarding a new recruit can be fraught with danger! This is the point at which you can inadvertently squeeze every drop of enthusiasm and professionalism out of a new member of staff.

To energise new recruits, the onboarding process needs to be slick, informative and professional. This is your opportunity to outline the benchmarks for success and the importance of the company’s ethics, values and culture.

If the new recruit experiences tardiness, apathy and disor­ga­nisa­tion, with nothing else to do than complete mind-numbingly convoluted paperwork, every ounce of the enthusiasm they walked in with will drain away like a dripping tap.

The answer? Reap what you sow. Deliver an onboarding process that induces excitement and a determination to succeed. Here’s how…

Organise a meaningful ‘meet and greet’

A nominated team member should be expecting the new recruit to welcome them and introduce them to their colleagues. All the necessary passes, keys and so on should be ready to hand over, and their desk should be prepared with the appropriate equipment. An IT login and passwords should be tested and ready to use.

Essential training

It is advisable to include video training and policy reading on the first day to familiarise the recruit with the company and what is expected of them. A series of one-to-one inductions all day can be nerve-wracking so the opportunity to process information independently will be welcome.

Wherever possible, essential training should be automated for consistency and time-efficiency, with  any form-filling spread out during the first few days.

Ongoing training

Make ongoing training as interactive as possible. It not only stops recruits from falling asleep due to information overload; interactive training helps them to retain information and feel actively involved in the process which enhances learning.

Objectives and benchmarks

New employees need to be told what ‘doing a great job’ looks like for the company, particularly as this may be very different to previous places of employment. Outline clear objectives and benchmarks for them to work towards:

  • Set and explain individual objectives
  • Demonstrate how those objectives fit into team objectives and goals
  • Share some success stories from within the organisation
  • Tell them what the first job promotion could be, with an indication of timescales.

Company culture

At Monarch Personnel we focus on recruiting on mindset. We believe shared values and ethics should be instrumental factors in recruiting a new employee, and that this focus should continue throughout the onboarding process. The new recruit needs to be assured that they’ve joined a company with ethics and values that are aligned with their own.

  • Encourage the new employee to embrace the company culture
  • Highlight occasions when employees are included in decisions and projects
  • Be clear on how the company recognises success.

Monitor and evaluate the company’s onboarding strategy

Aim for ongoing improvement in the onboarding process by continually assessing its effectiveness. Ask for feedback from staff, review the number of early leavers and reasons for their departure, and keep abreast of current schools of thought on how onboarding should be done (just like you are now!). This should all be done at both individual and company level.

Remember, a great onboarding process will help to ensure that a new colleague is productive from the outset, knows what is expected and knows what success looks like. The result is greater productivity and improved retention of staff.

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The fourth article in our November series on Efficiencies in Recruitment will be published next Wednesday November 24th, when we will share five ways to monitor a new employee.

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