High-Risk Logistics

High-Risk Logistics

High-Risk Logistics requires a “safety mindset”. Monarch Personnel has proven methods of recruitment to signi­fic­antly reduce costly errors that are otherwise too common in this industry.  A strategic approach to minimising these events is an important part of Monarch Personnel’s recruitment process.

Many of these roles require interaction with the general public so situational awareness is critical.  You cannot assume the general public are conscious of the dangers, so controlling the environment is essential.

The explosive risk of many tanker loads cannot be overstated.­  Spills are often  corrosive and there is a serious risk of fire or explosion.­  Crossover conta­mina­tion is far too common and costly.­  Remember drivers are self governed when on the road.  They are highly qualified and cosistently make dynamic risk assessments as they operate in hazardous industries.­  Operator error can have major social, envi­ron­mental, financial and reputational impacts.­  Getting recruitment right first-time will ensure your organisation is not compromised.

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