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21st Jun 2021, 18:20
Kayleigh McAllister
Successful candidate - Transport Planner
West Midlands
I just wanted to reach out as one of Chloe and Arshad's candidates.

Throughout the whole process they exceeded my expectations, constantly in contact with updates, guiding me through the interview process, even when I lost all confidence they both pushed me and had my back which obviously gained the rewards.

Having worked in recruitment myself, I can honestly say the level of professionalism was outstanding, they followed through right until the end.

A massive shout out to Chloe too for calming me down when there was a delay in receiving my contract. She guided me so well, calmed me down and was just a pleasure to work with.

Thank you!
Website response: Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us, Kayleigh. You were a pleasure to work with and we wish you every success in your new career.
25th Jan 2021, 10:35
Sharon Abbott
Head of HR
I have worked closely with Monarch for the last ten years, to provide quality candidates in safety critical roles. The market they are recruiting in, is challenging, with few candidates available. Despite this, by working with us, understanding our business, coming up with initiatives and really focusing on mindset, the quality of candidates they have provided to us has been excellent. Monarch are really interested in your feedback and are willing to work with you to put improvements in place. I have worked with many agencies during my 35 years in HR, Monarch are one of the best agencies that I have worked with.
Website response: Thank you for such a positive testimonial. It is a pleasure to work with you and your teams.
30th Sep 2020, 15:13
ex Airline Manager
As a former airline manager with 35 years experience in the industry, I found myself recently in need of a complete change of career direction and retraining,

The prospect of changing career direction as this stage of my life is quite daunting of course.

I asked several friends and contacts for suggestions as to potential new career directions, and one of them put me in touch with Pam from Monarch Personnel.

I completed the Monarch Personnel profile questionnaire, and Pam encouraged me beforehand to answer the 100 plus questions as honestly and instinctively as possible in order to receive the most accurate and valuable report back.

The detailed report I received back was instantaneous and it was a scarily accurate confirmation of my personality traits, warts and all.

What was even more interesting and of value to me was the recommended alternative potential career paths. To my initial surprise the strongest recommendation for a new career path for me personally was in a client relationship role in the Financial Services industry. The report said I am an 82% match for that type of role and industry.

Pam scheduled another phone call with me to review the report together, and this was really useful as Pam gave me more insight and context on the report. Pam told me that a recommended report career path score of 75% or above is a very good match, and that anything above 80% is jackpot.

With this in mind, I talked with a contact who works in Financial Services, and he appeared totally unsurprised that I was seemingly such a good match to join him in his industry.

Within a week, my contact arranged a meeting for me with the M.D. of a Financial Services company. I must say I approached the meeting in a fairly confident manner thanks to the profile report from Monarch Personnel, and for obvious reasons I was more than happy to share it with my potential new employer.

I am delighted to say that I just been offered a role with this company, they are going to retrain me into a brand new career.

Thank you very much to Pam and the team at Monarch Personnel for the invaluable help in my new career.
Website response: it was a pleasure to be of help, Martin. Thank you for your kind words. Everyone at Monarch wishes you great success in your new career.
4th Sep 2020, 11:01
Sean Mulcahy
Regional Operations Manager
Having worked with Monarch for 20 years I have always found them to be extremely helpful in assisting me to find the right people, at the right time. People who are motivated to provide the safety, commitment and flexibility I need to ensure the best service to our airline customers.
Website response: It has been a pleasure to work with you for the last 20 years, Sean. We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship for many years to come. Here's to the aviation industry getting back to normal.
14th Jul 2020, 11:41
Jeff Tallis
Driver Training Manager
Operating in the fuels delivery sector requires highly motivated and safety conscience people. For over 15 years Monarch became our strategic recruitment partner for a variety of reasons, one being our shared Values and behaviours towards people and a strong safety culture.
Their approach to recruitment using employee profiling and aptitude testing ensured when a candidate was presented to us we had confidence that the person suited our requirements and thus meant we could confidently have a small number to assess rather than trying to find the right candidate from many applicants .
Monarch also invested in our best in industry training program to ensure their staff wether a fuels tanker driver or office employee were at the same skills level as a directly employed member of the team, this also generated an environment with both sets of employees acting as one team.
Over the years many Monarch employees became directly employed because Monarch consistently ran career development and empowered their staff to strive for success.the management team actively got involved in our tool box talks ,training initiatives to reduce risks and to improve behavioural decision making thus returning very low incident rates in an high risk and dangerous industry.
Monarchs reputation in all areas of the fuel supply industry is certainly best in class.
Website response: Thanks Jeff for a wonderful testimonial. It was a pleasure to work with you for all those years.
9th Jul 2020, 15:56
Pragmatism (UK) Ltd
I worked with Pam and the team on a particularly difficult situation. Throughout I found everybody at Monarch Personnel to be incredibly professional, always putting people at the centre of what they do. Highly recommended.
Website response: It was a pleasure to work with you Pete.
17th Jun 2020, 15:17
Existing client
Quality Manager
Fuel Distribution
Southern England
Helpful, efficient and very professional. Keep up the good work. Always happy to help, even if I have called with a problem or when I need new staff.
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17th Jun 2020, 15:15
Existing Client
Area Manager
South of England
Proactive leadership and very responsive. Monarch resolve any concerns promptly. They use innovative systems to ensure the right person is recruited. A family run business that cares about their customers.
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17th Jun 2020, 15:13
Existing Client
Area Manager
South East
Very thorough, accurate and reliable. They are all very nice people to work with. They are very knowledgeable and ahead in the game.
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17th Jun 2020, 15:11
Existing client
Site Manager
Professional, courteous and friendly. They always solve any issues promptly, nothing is too much trouble for them. They go the extra mile.
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