Don’t let your team waste c.£132k on a bad hire!

Don’t let your team waste c.£132k on a bad hire!

“UK businesses are failing to hire the right person for two out of five roles despite the significant financial costs of making mistakes” *

“A poor hire at mid-manager level with a salary of £42,000 can cost a business more than £132,000” *

* Quotes from an article from The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) – June 2017.

If you are responsible for hiring staff within your organisation have you considered the benefits of working with a specialist in recruitment?  So how can a recruitment agency help to prevent a bad hire, I hear you ask.  If you deal with a recruitment industry expert then I would say that you cannot afford not to!

The common hidden costs of poor recruitment are very often not considered when looking at the cost of a bad hire.   Overlooked costs include the expense of training a new employee, the expense of getting a new employee up to speed in terms of productivity as well as the impact of higher staff turnover.  Many senior HR managers will admit that their businesses have made poor decisions when it comes to recruitment but they will also admit that the same managers are unaware of the cost impact on the business overall.

Why pay for a recruitment service?

A good recruitment expert will save your organisation a tremendous amount of time and money.

Remember that for your organisation to get the best candidates, you will need to work with an organisation that has been in business long enough to be respected in the industry and able to attract the most suitable candidates.  Finding the right candidates for you is our day to day business at Monarch Personnel and we use a wealth of skill, expertise and experience to source candidates that you may not otherwise gain access to.

The correct mindset and honesty are key traits for a successful hire and if these important traits are not examined in detail the cost of a bad hire is very likely to be incurred. At Monarch Personnel our experience and in depth vetting processes help us to be successful in analysing these important traits.  This is something we pride ourselves on.Being able to hire the right candidate the first time is definitely a worthwhile business investment.

By working with Monarch Personnel your hiring process can be compacted in time and the chance of your organisation making a bad hire is significantly reduced therefore allowing your business to concentrate on its key objectives whilst it is also saving time and money on recruitment.

So how do I choose which organisation to work with?

You need your chosen recruitment expert to find applicants that match your organisation’s team fit culturally.   They should also be prepared to act on behalf of your organisation and give you advice on the whole process.

At Monarch Personnel we look to work in strategic partnership with our client organisations and will work with you to agree on a recruitment and hiring strategy.  We are extremely proud of our pre-screening methods, tests and candidate assessment and verification.

We believe that our good customer service will never leave your management team feeling neglected or bewildered during any part of the hiring process.  We will always communicate with them openly and honestly too.

At the end of the day, the vital key to any productive business relationship, when hiring, lies with the ability of the successful introduction of good applicants.  Monarch Personnel works extremely hard in attracting the best mindset to help your organisation to find its stars of tomorrow.

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