At Monarch Personnel we pride ourselves on matching people with orga­nisa­tions that share similar values and ethics.­ Mindset does matter for both parties to achieve common business objectives.

We never forget that our business is people and that our clients are looking for the best team fit and a diverse workforce. Our aim is also to assist you to improve the speed and effec­tiveness of developing your new people.

As a client you will benefit from:

  • Reduced costs by a reduction in errors, incidents and accidents together with many other savings.
  • Increased revenue by getting the right people into your business to improve quality and customer service.
  • Our team checking all necessary licences, quali­fica­tions, permission to work, references and Disclosure and Barring Service(DBS)­ checks.­  (Where appropriate we will obtain all information to apply for Airport Security passes).
  • Monarch Personnel solving your problem of getting the best people at the right time.
  • Our service saving your time by delivering a fast and effective service allowing your team to concentrate on the management of your business needs.
  • QuestAI removing all forms of bias from the recruitment process.

Costing models

Monarch Personnel can supply anything from a single individual to a team of workers to work alongside your in-house team on an ongoing basis.  Performance, flexibility, safety, and cost are all key objectives that we measure and take acco­un­ta­bility for.

Please Contact Us to find out how we can deliver:

  • Free recruitment of a permanent workforce
    (zero increased costs to your business)
  • Try before you hire
    (a skilled and flexible reactive workforce with no direct employment costs)
  • Permanent recruitment
    (avoid the hidden costs of a poor hire)

High-Risk Business

We define a high-risk business as one where errors and incidents have significant human and/or financial costs.

If you recognise your business as high-risk, then QuestAI by Monarch Personnel can offer you a solution!

Highly Regulated Industry

We define a highly regulated industry as one that is governed by numerous legal and quality standards.

If you recognise your business as highly regulated, then QuestAI by Monarch Personnel can offer you a solution!

Need a Skilled and Flexible Workforce?

The add-on costs of employment have escalated tremendously in recent years. This has pressurised companies and may have resulted in reduced operating margins.

A Monarch workforce can help to improve your productivity by:

  • Offering additional flexibility to hours of work
  • Speed of getting additional support into your organisation
  • Reducing or eliminating many employment costs
  • Only paying for worked hours
  • No HR admi­nis­tra­tion costs
  • Helping to change the mindset of your established workforce

If you recognise your business as requiring a skilled and flexible workforce, then QuestAI by Monarch Personnel can offer you a solution!