Can Artificial Intelligence help to deliver a great candidate experience?

Can Artificial Intelligence help to deliver a great candidate experience?

This is the fourth and final article in our series that explores the role of AI in recruitment. The full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

There are two major players in the recruitment process. The employer and the candidate. The cutting edge technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens up many opportunities for a smooth recruitment experience for both.

Some employers believe it’s not important whether they make a great impression on a candidate. The candidate wants the employer to give them a job, so they need to prove they are worthy! No reciprocal dazzle required.

In fact, both the employer and the candidate need to present their best selves at all stages and engage their counterpart well. A candidate’s experience is just as important as that of the employer.

Why is a great candidate experience important?

Poor candidate engagement not only prevents an organisation from achieving its objective of attracting the best applicants, it also wastes valuable management time.

Moreover, organisations should remember the impact that a positive candidate experience has on strengthening their employment brand and reputation as a great place to work.

To create a formidable workforce, primary objectives for HR leaders, talent acquisition teams and any forward-thinking business, should be

  • to hire the best talent
  • to proactively improve diversity and inclusion.

Without a great candidate experience, neither of these are achievable.

How does Artificial Intelligence enhance the candidate experience?

Using the scientific approach of AI can improve many areas of the recruitment process. Of those improvements, candidate experience is where AI’s influence is most obvious. Here are some examples:

  • A chatbot on a vacancy page

Chatbots open essential lines of communication 24/7 by:

  • allowing a potential new applicant to learn about an organisation while looking at their current vacancies
  • nurturing active and passive job seekers with invitations to engage
  • offering convenience to candidates while delivering an improved applicant pipeline to the organisation
  • connecting candidates with vacancies
  • answering FAQs
  • Increased hiring of diverse talent
    • ​​​Screening candidates with video interviews that use AI allows businesses to be consistent. Areas of analysis can include body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and so on
    • AI removes unconscious bias when analysing the following areas:
      • Skills
      • Competencies
      • Motivations
      • Ambitions
      • Experience

This gives candidates the fairest chance of success while also improving the quality of hiring protocols.

  • Convenience

AI models used in recruitment bring simplicity to scheduling interviews, which makes the entire process less complicated. It offers candidates the convenience of participating in a video interview at a convenient time. This removes the need to take time off from an existing job which may pose a risk to their employment.

The use of AI at Monarch Personnel

Monarch Personnel were early adopters of AI. We use elements of AI in our recruitment process. In a recent survey, our applicants said that they were very impressed with the candidate experience we offered them.

We believe that the use of AI strengthens our recruitment strategy, helping us to attract the best talent for our clients.

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