Are your eyes the window to your soul?

Are your eyes the window to your soul?

William Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the window to your soul”. During an interview, good eye contact is essential to a good interview performance as it can help to further demonstrate your personality.

What is meant by good eye contact?

If you are nervous, it can be difficult to maintain good eye contact and for the contact to be perceived as being genuine, it must feel comfortable to you. You really do not want to “stare” at the interviewer - you do not want them to feel uncomfortable!  One useful tool is to try to allow your eyes to “soften” and lose an element of focus.  This will allow you to appear more relaxed.  If you struggle to maintain eye contact, through nerves, you could try to vary your eye movement to looking at the interviewer’s nose or mouth too.

Use presented opportunities such as:

  • When the interviewer is speaking - try to maintain a high level of eye contact. This will help to demonstrate that you are a good listener.
  • When a question has been asked. occasionally and slowly glance away.  This can make you seem “in thought” and also “interested”. It is important not to look down as you glance away as this can be interpreted as demonstrating a lack of confidence. Try to glance to the side.
  • Before you start to speak to answer a question, remake eye contact to demonstrate self-assurance.

What are the benefits of good eye contact?

Firstly, remember good eye contact can help you to judge the interviewer’s thoughts and impressions of you!  Secondly, it can help to create the feeling of “I’m here to listen and respond and you have my full attention”, which helps to demonstrate keenness.  A good interviewer should try to put you at ease and try to bond with you by giving you good eye contact too.


  • Good eye contact will make the answers to your questions easier to remember for the interviewer.
  • Good eye contact will make the interviewer believe that you are honest.
  • Good eye contact will allow you to retain an element of control.

Good luck with your interview and try to allow the interviewer to “see your soul”!

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