5 Tips

5 Tips

5 Tips To Put A Candidate At Ease In A Face to Face Interview

Check the location

Prior to the interview take some time to think about the location.

Try to look at the setting from an outsider’s point of view.  Will the setting encourage the potential new colleague to feel welcome?  Does the room portray the correct image of your business?  Will the setting encourage the person to want to come and work for your organisation? Finally, is the setting comfortable?  A chair may look great, but if it is uncomfortable or if the room temperature is too high or too low then this will only make your visitor feel ill at ease.

Don’t be late!

Our aim should be for every potential new colleague to leave their interview with positive feelings about our organisation.

Remember that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. If an applicant turned up late for their interview, we may have reservations!­Leaving a candidate to wait whilst you finish whatever you are doing will not create the desired impression of our organisation.­Help the applicant to feel important arrive on time!

Be friendly and smile!

If possible, greet the applicant yourself and remember to smile.

Remember the interview has a dual purpose, for you to get to know the applicant but also for the applicant to get to know you.  A smile goes a long way.

You will achieve far more in the interview if the applicant feels welcome and at ease, so offer them a drink too!

Introduce the company and role

By giving the applicant some information about the company and the job role before beginning to ask questions, this will continue to create a more relaxed environment.

This will give the person the time and space that they need to feel comfortable with you and will most definitely help both parties to achieve the best possible interview.

Remember your body language

If you can remember to keep your own body language and general posture as open as possible and don’t forget to make lots of eye contact with the potential new employee too. 

This will indicate that you are really interested in the person and give them another opportunity for a positive outcome to the interview.

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