5 reasons why your business should use a recruitment agency

5 reasons why your business should use a recruitment agency

This is the first article in this month’s series on the advantages of using a recruitment agency. More articles will be published throughout the month, and the full series can be found at monarc­hper­sonnel.­com.

As with other specialist services, some companies decide that they can facilitate and manage their own recruitment. Sometimes they might succeed in recruiting someone, but the time it takes is costly and there is no guarantee that they have recruited the best person for the role. Some forays into DIY recruitment can end disastrously.

Why should businesses use a recruitment agency? Despite perceptions to the contrary, recruitment can save a company time and therefore money through expertise and industry knowledge.

Professional recruiters also know a thing or two about getting the right fit for a business. At Monarch Personnel we recruit on mindset by getting to know our client and what kind of values and approach they are looking for in a candidate. This often leads to longevity because when the new recruit shares the ethos, culture and goals of their employer there is less incentive to move on.

Here we look at 5 main reasons why you should use an agency for your recruitment needs.

Specialist recruitment knowledge

Recruitment agencies have the expertise to identify talent. They also know how to avoid bad hires because they understand their candidates’ capabilities, salary requirements and aspirations. This avoids wasting time on candidates that are a poor fit for the business.

Recruitment agencies don’t just advertise a role and process applications. Using specialist recruitment knowledge and systems they seek out candidates for specific roles, knowing who is looking for work in specific industries and locations. They know where to advertise and what a competitive salary looks like. For companies who recruit for themselves the whole process is often a finger in the wind test which yields just as vague results.

Faster hiring

A recruitment agency has all the resources for hiring at its fingertips to focus on quickly recruiting the best candidates while you run your business. If you recruit for yourself the task is added to your to-do list along with many other pieces of work, so the process takes much longer to complete.  

Agencies sift through candidates and applications quickly to meet your deadlines, and have conversations on your behalf with potential recruits to create a shortlist for interview. At Monarch Personnel we use specialist AI software to process applications more efficiently.

A focus on serving the candidate and the client

Being an intermediary between the candidate and client, while looking after the interests of both, requires specialist skill and knowledge. This role is a huge benefit to all involved in the recruitment process because it removes ambiguity and focuses on whatever is important to both parties to reach a successful conclusion.

With insight into the requirements of the client, a recruitment agency will seek out the right person to help the company achieve its goals. Meanwhile the candidate feels supported and clearly understands the process, and is enthused to proceed knowing what to expect.

Extended reach

Recruitment agencies have databases of talent as well as access to recruitment networks that aren’t open to companies that recruit for themselves. Using well established contacts, agencies can also headhunt people who aren’t actively looking for work and approach them in the correct way.

Agencies can use their own website and other recruitment platforms to advertise positions to reach a far wider audience than a private company could ever achieve.

Knowledge of the market place

Recruitment agencies have extensive knowledge of the job market across specific industries and locations. This means that for each role they have a handle on salary and benefits expectations, and the best way to hire in that role’s industry. They will probably already know about the available talent in particular areas and industries, and may not even need to advertise the position. If they do need to advertise, they will know where to place an advert to attract the best talent.

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