3 Trends that are emerging and growing in the recruitment industry in 2022

3 Trends that are emerging and growing in the recruitment industry in 2022

As most businesses continue with their “bounce-back” strategy in 2022, how to recruit successfully is high on the agenda for all.  It is a challenging marketplace as businesses of all sizes compete for an ever-reducing number of skilled candidates.  The companies that take a close look at their recruitment strategies will be the ones that thrive and survive.

What trends are we seeing?

Candidates now deem good pay and benefits as standard, so what else are employers doing:

The advent of employer branding

There is an increasing trend of employees wanting to work for a business that concentrates on achieving a great company culture.  They also want to work in an organisation that reflects their values.  They want to have pride in the company that pays their salary!

Some simple changes can help to build a great brand.

  • Build a robust picture of your organisation on LinkedIn 
    • Actively promote the organisation’s values and ethics internally and externally
    • Build a story in your internal and external marketing that is real and exciting
  • Highlight your values
    • In a job description
    • In a job advertisement
  • Share success stories on your website and company social media. (Remember this is where candidates will look before they apply to your organisation).

The importance of diversity in the workplace

Most business leaders agree that a diverse workforce increases creativity and improves communication and awareness.  These points are all crucial to building a successful business.  There is an increasing trend where talent leaders prioritise diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as part of an intelligent recruitment strategy.

It will no longer be enough to have the policies.  Candidates will be looking for proof of concept.  As part of moving forward, organisations will need to demonstrate what initiatives they have to enable potential employees to identify the level of investment in DEI.

The great news is that by investing in DEI, your company will not only be more attractive to candidates, but statistically, you will experience lower staff turnover too.

Candidate engagement and hiring technology

With 1.3 million vacancies in the UK, the companies successfully hiring are making every effort to engage with candidates wherever possible. 

HR teams are taking time to strategically compile recruitment strategies focusing on reaching out to a candidate as early as possible.  It’s all about relationship building.  The use of hiring technology can support a proactive engagement strategy.  This is a pivotal way to encourage applicants to want to work for your organisation rather than your competitor.­  Treating candidates with the same value as key customers will enhance your brand and drive the candidates and their recommendations towards your organisation.


As we all compete in searching for the best talent, an effective recruitment strategy will keep your organisation ahead in the recruitment game.  New trends will always appear, but when the candidate is king, the key is putting the candidate’s journey at the forefront of everything you do. 

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